Hampton vs. Howard which HU makes the best burger?

Every year when the leaves begin to crisp and the chill in the air slightly stings the cheeks we are greeted with the excitement of the pigskin. Yes, for fans of the American past time of football this time of year comes in close second to Christmas and hand in hand with thanksgiving, apparently turkey tastes great with touchdowns. Football is more than a sport. It is an excuse to drink your weight in brews, eat good BBQ and scream with the people you love the most- family, friends and your favorite teams. It brings pride and competitiveness to the hearts of the meek.

If you happen to be a fan of the MEAC and follow the Black college football or if you are a part of the HBCU family you probably know about the annual standoff between Hampton and Howard Universities that consequently determines who indeed is the real HU. Though football offers several aspects to catch one’s interest one of the most famous is the tailgate. Tailgating dates back to the very first college football game between Rutgers and Princeton in 1869, when fans traveled to the game by carriage, grilling sausages and burgers at the “tail end” of the horse. Today tailgating is a part of most athletic events, especially college football. The tailgate party before or after the game provides the chance for the average Joe to become a regular Bobby Flay for an afternoon. An array of smoked meats and side dishes makes up the feast for this party and no formality is needed, feel free to cop a squat right on the curb in the parking lot and rest your can of soda between your knees. “The key to perfect BBQ is your sauce.” Said 47 yr old Jimmy Davis from Columbus, OH. Davis who is Howard alum and a football enthusiast says one of his many secrets is adding a dash of orange juice to the glaze for his chicken; he refused to disclose the rest of the recipe.

Daniel Brown commented “Tailgating at a big game gives my family and me an excuse to eat good food, laugh and enjoy each other’s company, and that can never be bad.” Brown 55 yr old native of Norfolk, VA tries his hardest to catch every Hampton University home game, “…though life sometimes gets in the way.”

Hampton University Convocation parking lot littered with lawn chairs and portable grills, children and elderly alike in harmony dressed in their best blue and white paraphernalia, rooting for their favorite team brings certain nostalgia to this little home by the sea. Dust off those jumbo foam hands football season is officially here again.


By: Ambre Kohl Tomlinson