A Pulse Check from the Life of the Party


         On the sweltering late afternoon of September 13, 2008, Armstrong stadium was infested with bodies and even more bodies, all in uniform. Some with cleats and helmets and others with t-shirts and signs, the feeling is in the air, the battle of the real HU’s has landed in Hampton. This isn’t your typical Saturday evening gridiron scuffle no sir! This ladies and gentlemen is the first meet between the Hampton University Pirates and their arch rivals the Howard University Bison. Hampton University senior TJ Smith describes the HU versus HU experience as, “two rival schools with one thing in common, to have fun”. Naturally tensions where high and ladies were plentiful just like the alcohol (for those 21 and up of course…laughs).

            In a nutshell, the HU versus HU experience can be best described as one big party, so who better to talk to than the life of the party, DJ Tay James. DJ Tay James is best known for distributing over 50,000 mix-tapes in Hampton Roads and surrounding areas. Furthermore DJ Tay James has been the host for over 100,000 downloads through his two websites http://www.djtayjames.com and http://www.collegeradiomusic.com .

            Along with that title, DJ Tay James (also known as “the boy wonder”), controls the maestro at D.C.’s premiere club “Love”, on Saturday nights. However, club Love would not be his final destination for this particular evening because he and his brothers of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity teamed up with the Kappa Alpha Phi fraternity to bring the world “Ice Kream” (and yes, I checked the spelling). This highly anticipated event was held at the Hampton Convocation Center and served as the after-party to the HU versus HU game.

              Between record spins, Baltimore, MD native Taylor James is a full time student at Hampton University, more specifically; he is a part of the graduating class of 2009. So you can trust and believe that a man with this kid of schedule is quite busy. So busy that I was unable to sit down and share a cold one with him, instead I had to settle for a brief interview via telephone, enjoy.


CS: First of all Tay, how do you prepare for an event like this?

TJ: “I don’t”

CS: What do you like most about the HU versus HU rivalry?

TJ: “I love the excitement because you never know who’s going to win, and also it 

blows my mind how we both look the same, just in different areas”.

CS: How do you know when you have done your job?

TJ: “When I see the crowd and their reaction, its like I’m controlling them” (laughs)

CS: What is the hottest song in the club right now?

TJ: “The song [Whatever You Like] by T.I., definitely! Some nights I play it four times”

CS: Was there alot of hype leading up to the Ice Kream event?

TJ: “ Oh yeah, most definitely, we sold over 2,600 tickets before the day of the event and nearly another 1000 that day, the highest turnout in history”.

CS: With numbers like that, is it safe to say that you were pleased with the outcome?

TJ: “It was alright, it could be better”

CS: Is there anything else that you want to tell the people?

TJ: “Check out [http://www.collegeradiomusic.com] for free downloads and the latest news on issues that matter to US”!

Written by Christopher Swails