Battle of the real HU

By: Karissa Feiton

On Saturday September 13, 2008, many gathered as Hampton commenced its first home football game against Howard University. Many watched as Hampton defeated Howard in the never-ending battle of “the real HU” with a score of 38-27.

“The battle of ‘the real HU’ has been going on since I went to Hampton,” said past alumna Gerald Roberts, a 1989 graduate of Hampton University.  Roberts said he is a proud Hamptonian and tries to attend as many home games as he can.

Before entering the stadium you could hear fans chanting, “I love, I love my HIU”. As you walked into the stadium you were faced with a sea of blue and white as students, alumni, faculty, staff, friends and family expressed their school spirit.

Though Howard lead the first half Hampton came back scoring quite a bit of touchdowns and improving both their defense and their offense.

During the game half the lights went out. Technicians came to assess the damage and soon realized they must replace a fuse to restore the lights. Due to technical problems in the 3rd quarter, some of the crowd left while most remained in good spirits by taking pictures and making jokes.  

“Everyone has been looking forward to this game since the beginning of the school year so I’m sure this little lighting issue isn’t going to spoil the game”, said sophomore Ashley Roberts.

Next week Hampton faces North Carolina A&T as they continue the season, as for the battle for “the real HU” title Hampton, once again, is on top.