Hampto VS. Howard Game

Bright lights, celebrations, food, blue and white, victory, laughter, fashion …. These words describe one of the most anticipated games of the year. Saturday night our wonderful “Home by the Sea” Hampton University kicked off its most anticipated game of the year against Howard University.

            Looking out into the parking lot was a sea of people celebrating and rejoicing the start of a new season. Many of the pre- game events were filled with tailgating parties.  Along with the tailgating party there was a host of different vendors selling food, Greek apparel, and other miscellaneous items in front of the stadium. Howard being the first game of the season has a big impact over the rest of the season. Hampton has consecutively beaten Howard University over the past three years, and this year was no exception.

            Some may see Howard as a big enemy even though they are our top rival, Saturday’s celebration felt more so like a reunion. Many individuals with friends who attended Howard came from Washington D.C. to see the game. Hiram Reed, who is a senior at Howard University, stated that, “I look forward to this game the most because not only do I love foot ball but I just love the friendly rivalry that exist between the two schools. I have a lot of friends that attend Hampton so whenever we play it’s just like a big reunion we go out and eat and just party all weekend, whether it’s in D.C or Hampton, so just having the opportunity to see everyone once again is great and I love it.”

To some football isn’t the only thing on people’s mind when we have games. To a stranger when they look at what most students are wearing they might think that they are attending a fashion show instead of a football game. At most traditional games the stadiums are filled with the school colors. But not the Hampton Howard game, (And all the other games of the season) along with the many major parties of the year one of the biggest decisions is what are you going to wear to the Hampton Howard game. The ladies are dressed in the finest clothes, everything from 3inch stilettos to cute little dresses. And the guys are just as bad. Kim Brown, a junior at Hampton University states that, “that’s why I love Hampton University; everyone has their own unique individual style and a style that they can call their own. I love see how fly everyone is and it’s a beautiful thing to see good looking black people.” While some may agree with the particular choice of style there are some who disagree. Shana Richardson, senior, states that, “ I think that we should definitely wear more of our school colors at our football games, I will promote more school sprit and it just looks better when you are sitting in the stands and you see a sea of blue and white.”   

~ Ashli Lincoln