HU v. HU game-Rivalry Style

HU v. HU game-Rivalry Style

By: Tiffani Haynes

JAC 307-Online Journalism

HU v. HU game article

Word Count: 539



            The two biggest rivals in the realm of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) faced off this weekend. Howard University squared off against Hampton University in Hampton’s first home game on September 13, 2008.  Hampton defeated Howard for the 13th consecutive time with a score 38-27.

            Yet, the real battle of the HUs lies in everything outside of the football field. It seems the most anticipated game of the year has more to deal with good old fashioned rivalry than it does with the pigskin. “It’s all about proving who’s the real HU, who’s better than the other,” said Kayla Emile, a senior communicative sciences and disorders major from Boston and a Hamptonian.

            Both schools proudly claim the title of being the “real” HU. Howard students don’t consider Hampton to be the actual HU because of the fact that it started out HI. Hampton Institute was founded in 1868 and went through several name changes before finally ending at Hampton University in 1984. “Howard is the real HU, if you want to get technical. We were founded in 1867 as a university, Hampton become one years later,” said Nakia Hill, a 2007 graduate of Howard from Boston. Hampton students, however, argue that the name change is irrelevant and that Hampton holds the title.

            Yet Hill believes that the competition has another source. “It stems from both colleges being the best of the best,” said Hill. “From the students, to the school, to the alumni, both HUs are the best. No other HBCU is talked about as much as we are. So it’s only natural that the two most prominent HBCUs go at it.”

            So Hampton and Howard battle it out over everything, from the HU title, to the halftime show, to who outshines the other. Both universities attend the crowded games each year to hear the latest songs at the halftime show and see the newest fashion statements. 

            “The Hampton girls try to fulfill the stereotype of being the pretty girls and Howard girls try to keep up,” Shannon Cosby said. Cosby is a senior marketing major from Plainfield, NJ.

Yet Hill disagrees and states that the Hampton stereotype at Howard isn’t about being pretty. “Howard is more down to earth, more grassroots. I’m not sure if it’s because of the different locations, but Hampton girls are known for being really stuck up,” Hill said.

            While Hill supports the stereotype of Hampton women being cocky and arrogant, Cosby believes the stereotype of Howard being a party school. “When it’s the HU v. HU game, Hampton has to try to keep up by having a lot going on after the game, some type of big party. Howard’s such a party school and Hampton tries to keep up with that,” Cosby said.

            Another important aspect of the game is the halftime show, yet another competition. “The biggest point of rivalry is halftime because it’s about seeing whose band is better,” said Hill. “Even though Howard’s band is better. We’ve definitely got the best band.”

            Yet despite the differences and huge rivalry, Hill insists that it’s all fun and games. “It’s a love/hate relationship because you have both HUs battling it out but it’s there’s unity because we’re both HBCUs,” Hill said.