“The Real HU Reigns Supreme” by Melva N. Lloyd

“The Real HU Reigns Supreme” by Melva N. Lloyd

Scorching temperatures and unbearable humidity did not stop the massive amounts of Hampton and Howard University students, alumni and faculty from attending the Pirates’ first game of the 2008 football season.  The rivalry between the two schools is one that has been around for years and last night showed no end in sight. 

When the game kicked off at 6:00 PM the stands were filled with students claiming that they were from “the real HU.”  The extensive school spirit seemed to overshadow the reason why everyone came out to Armstrong Stadium.  By the end of the first quarter, the Pirates saw themselves down by seven but even that did not keep the crowd of over 14,000 away from the field. 

Twenty-one year old Andrea Jackson attended Howard University during the first year of her college career, and even though she has transferred to Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, she still finds time to attend to the Battle of the Real HU when it returns to her home state. 

“It’s just one of those games that you can’t miss.  Even if you’re not a Hampton or Howard student, being apart of it is an experience in itself.”

With chants of “I love my HIU” and “I’m so glad I go to HIU, not Howard” ringing throughout the crowd, it was evident that Hamptonians wanted to make it known to the Howard University Bison whose turf they stepped foot on. 

The second quarter showed no change in score and by halftime the Pirates continued to trail the Bison 7-0.  If the fans were not entertained by what was happening on the field, the social atmosphere amongst the students made up for that; many were seeing each other for the first time as the beginning of the semester only started last Monday. 

Hampton University senior and California native, Ashley Thornton , admitted that since this game was taking place during her senior year, it was much more meaningful to her. 

“I realize that in a couple of months I [probably] won’t see most of these people again.  I have to enjoy this moment while I can.”

The Pirates pulled off a miraculous comeback during the second half, scoring 38 points to pull out a 38-27 victory over the Howard Bison.  Once the celebration of the victory was over on the field, it continued off the field when Hampton hosted the official HU vs. HU after-party at the Hampton University Convocation Center. 

When it was all said and done, this years’ Battle of the Real HU further proved why the Hampton University Pirates have been so successful throughout their MEAC tenure.  Not only did Hampton’s football team hail as triumphant, but Hampton’s students let everyone know who the real HU was.