Roneisha Corbitt Lady Pirate at the Home by the sea

During recent interview with Lady Pirate team captain Roneisha “RaRa” Corbitt the young collegiate basketball star divulged information on everything from why she decided to attend Hampton University to what occupies her time when no one is around to watch.


Corbitt, 21, is a native of Philadelphia, PA and has been playing basketball since the tender age of seven. She stumbled upon Hampton University as an option for college after she researched the academic standards. The scholarship to play the sport she loves did not hurt either. She admits college life has had its ups and downs and prides her self in being able to graduate on time now that she has picked up the slack and taken her destiny into her own hands. If given another chance to do things over she said “I would have perfected my listening skills early on rather than waiting till now.


Corbitt is currently a senior sociology major and aspires to one day be amongst the finest in blue and serve as an FBI agent. Fueled by hard work, determination and the occasional CSI episode Corbitt plans to don her cap and gown this up-coming May for commencement and hopes to fill her mother/ best friend with pride. The following questions were asked to get a better view into Ms. Corbitt’s Psyche:


A: If you were stuck on a desert island what four things would you need to survive?

R: A cell phone, my Teedra Moses CD, Love and Basketball the movie and a toothbrush


A: What do you do when no one is around to watch?

R: I dance in the mirror all the time.


A: If you could be anyone but yourself who would it be?

R: Michelle Obama or Oprah Winfrey


A: If you could relive one day what would it be?

R: I would have gone to my grandfather’s funeral when I was younger.


A: If you had superpowers what would they be?

R: The power to be in two places at once.


By: Ambre Tomlinson