The Real HU: Hampton vs. Howard Football Game


Sunday, September 14, 2008


Friday, September 13th, at 6:00pm, marks the first home football game of the season for the Hampton University Pirates.  They are battling it out with the Howard University Bison to distinguish who is the real HU.  As the crowd grows there are a number of college students, alumni, friends and family, and faculty and staff of Hampton University and Howard.  Drawing closer to kickoff Hampton’s Blue Lightning squad rallies the fans by singing, “I’m So Glad I go to HIU,” while others are dressed or painted from head to toe in blue and white.

Howard starts the kickoff as Hampton receives the ball.  One of the first plays of the night results in an out of bounds pass.  Both defensive lines are holding strong throughout the first quarter.  With about five minutes left in the quarter the Bison move the chains and score a touchdown making the score 7-0.  This does not seem to deter the Hampton crowd as more people continue to fill the stands only leaving standing room on the outskirts of the stadium.  The first quarter ends with the Howard Bison leading the Hampton Pirates.

Into the second quarter, Shaun Harvell, a Hampton University architect major, is not pleased about the current outcome of the game, but remains, “optimistic and full of school spirit,” that Hampton will win the game.  While Jennifer Jolly, a math major, feels that Hampton “has a really strong team this year,” and she believes in them.  However, further into the second quarter, Hampton still has no points on the score board, but continue to hold off the Bison from scoring more touchdowns until half time.

Five minutes into the third quarter, Pirates run the ball about forty yards into Howard’s in zone.  At about six minutes left in the third quarter, the lights in the stadium go out, which delays the game for about 20 minutes or so, but it does not delay the crowd from having a good time and dancing in the bleachers.  With only about two yards to go for a touchdown, the Pirates opt to punt and put three points onto the score board with about six minutes left in the third quarter.  The ball is now Howard’s, but Hampton intercepts a throw and the ball is overturned. 

The Pirates then run the ball for a touchdown and kick a field goal which brings the score to 10-7 and Pirates now have the lead.  The Howard Bison then receive the ball and score another touchdown bringing putting them back in the lead with only about two minutes left in the third quarter.  But in a spring of irony, number 16, Kevin Teel, ran a touchdown and changed the score to 16-14 and with a good field goal kick the score is now 17-14 points.

The fourth quarter became a back and forth challenge for both teams, but in the end Hampton kept their lead winning the game 38-27.  In the second half of the game Hampton scored all of its 38 points and was able to prove once again, that Hampton University is the real HU.