The Real HU_Ivory Jones

School spirit was heavy in the bleachers of the Hampton University football Stadium on Saturday when Hampton and Howard fans were watching the battle for the title of the real HU. Over 14,000 pirates and bison were rooting for there team during the most anticipated game of the year.

For more than 80 seasons, Hampton University and Howard University went head-to-head, competing with their football players and marching band members. This season was no different, yet it was nothing like before. It seems, every year the school spirit grows along with the fun and excitement.

Howard was leading the first half, but that did not stop Hampton from showing spirit. “I love, I love, I love my HIU” flowed through the crowd, as young and old stood up and showed there support.

At the half-time mark, the game was looking a little unstable for Hampton, and by looking in the stands, it was written on all the crowd’s faces. For the past 11 years, Hampton has swiped the title from Howard, and has made it look quite easy.

Once the half time show started, the crowd gained back its momentum as both Hampton and Howard’s marching band and dancers performed. After the half-time show, the crowd was not the only ones whose energy was back in full-effect. Hampton University was ready to steal back the game, and demand the title of the “Real HU”

During the 3rd quarter, just after half-time, some technical difficulties occurred, effecting the lighting in Armstrong Stadium. However, neither school let that affect their game as they kept their composer.

As the game continued, Hampton showed its true colors as they stole the show. With a win of 38-27 over Howard, Hampton University definitely earned the title of the “Real HU.”