Profile on Carlethia Funny – Melva N. Lloyd

“Respect My Vote”

            With the most historic election steadily approaching, it is no surprise that young adults entering the polls for the first time are paying close attention to the nominees.  Everything from the war in Iraq to the nation’s economic crisis has been discussed among America’s youth and most adults have no idea the kind of impact that the 18-24 year old age bracket will have.

            Carlethia Funny, a Virginia Beach native and fourth year architecture major at Hampton University never thought she would live to see the day when the country would become one step closer to having an African American as commander-in-chief.  She admits that this election has been “a lot to take in” but that has not deterred her from following any type of news dealing with today’s politics.

            Funny has huge plans once she graduates from Hampton University; she hopes to attain her license in architecture, attend graduate school and move to Charlotte, North Carolina.  But to make those dreams a reality, Funny understands the importance of an election such as this one, and she doesn’t want to see the wrong person determine her already bright future. 

            “I don’t think that this [election] has anything to do with race, it’s more about who is best for this country.  I truly believe that [John] McCain and [Sarah] Palin just aren’t the best choices for my generation.”

            When Funny makes her way to class on Hampton’s campus, her sketches aren’t the only thing on her mind.  Like most of her classmates, she is living through history and in a matter of days she will add to the number of first time voters who have the power to ultimately change this nation. 

            Politics aside, Carlethia Funny is looking forward to the day when she can walk across the stage and proclaim herself an alumnus of Hampton University.  What will probably be one of the proudest moments of her life will only confirm all of the hard work and dedication that she has put in as an architecture major.  Years down the line, Funny will be able to tell the story of a history defining moment in her life.