Profile of Ashley Thornton

Corrine Gray-Staples

Profile of Ashley Thornton

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With the most historical election of the century on its way, the minds of Americans have been consumed with the people and issues that will soon shape the future of their lives and the country they live in.  Some are concerned with social security, others with homeland security, taxes, the environment or health care.

For Ashley Thornton, a senior computer science major at Hampton University and San Diego, Calif. native, immigration is an issue that hits close to home.  Thornton feels it is not necessary to impose strict and weighty provisions on immigrants who wish to come to America as immigrant reform legislation advocates.  As long as they follow the necessary procedures, she feels they should be able to come and make a new life for themselves and their family.

Living in California, where the Mexican race is quickly becoming the majority, she has noticed that they are less prideful than other races and are ready and willing to take on jobs that others will not.  Thornton believes that it concerns those of other races who feel they may begin to be forgotten when it comes to employment.

Thornton plans to go to graduate school after her receiving her degree from Hampton.  She hopes to sharpen her degree in graphic and web design to design advertisements for companies such as Apple and others of the same caliber. However, she is aware that with the immigrant population on the rise, the competition will be extremely tough.  Yet, she is confident that she will graduate college with the knowledge, confidence and experience that will shape her own future.