Profile of James Barron

Profile of James Barron

By: Kwasa Mathis

Word Count: 415

Edited by: Tiffani Haynes


Twenty-one-year-old James Barron, is a student of Hampton University and admits that he is “excited about graduating.”  His plans after graduation include going to dental school. 

Barron is a native of Atlanta and was also a victim of Hurricane Katrina.  He lost almost everything and for the first half of the first semester of his freshman year, Barron wore the same three pairs of outfits.  All of his family resides in Georgia and he has a younger brother back home.  As a big brother Barron feels that he is more or less the “guinea pig.”   “I make all of the mistakes first before my brother has the opportunity to,” he said.

  As a biology major, Barron understands, more than most, how HIV/AIDS affects the black community.  He says that HIV/AIDS is possibly a “man-mutated disease…because it popped up out of nowhere.”  Barron goes on to explain that the disease was first found in monkeys and cats and for the disease to mutate into a human disease, “there is a bit of randomness that goes along with it.”

Another issue Barron feels will affect not only the black community, but the entire country as a whole, is the presidential race.  The Democratic nominee is a black man, Barack Obama.  Barron admits that he was not an “initial supporter of Obama,” but he feels that America is ready for a black president.  He also feels that Obama is an “idealist who if elected, might accomplish half of what he has set out to do.”

This graduating senior spends his free time reading such books as Robinson Caruso and The Count of Monte Criscoand he also practices martial arts.  Apart of a Greek fraternity on campus, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated, Barron was first introduced to Greek life when he was in high school.  He went to Xavier University in Louisiana and his group leader was also a Sigma who encouraged Barron to look into many extracurricular activities once in college.

When Barron came to the campus of Hampton University and saw the Sigmas, he was “impressed that everybody was different.  You never find two Sigmas who are the same.  There is no stereotype that is attached to us and yet we all get together and function as one cohesive unit.”  So whether Barron is reading, learning martial arts, involved in his fraternity, or just walking around campus, on thing is for sure; he is smart, educated, down to earth, and a force to be reckoned with.