It’s Icee!

When one may hear her name they will probably refer to her as the girl with the name after the once popular Gucci Mane song ” I’ am so Icee” But that is far from the reason. Icee Greir holds the name of her great grandmother and she carries that name with pride. “People are always questioning me about my name, they can’t believe that people actually had names so unique as mine back then but they definitely did.” Icee is a sophomore at Hampton University, where she is majoring in psychology. Her plans after graduation will be to return to her home town of Atlanta, Georgia to peruse a Masters Degree in Psychology. “I want to become a family and marriage psychologist because I am fascinated with the way individual interact within their relationships.”

Icee is a very opinionated individual who has strong beliefs in keeping the black family together and teaching others so that they can reverse the negative connotations that are targeted toward blacks. “With my degree in psychology I want to conduct research that will help us further understand the issues that we face within the black community.” One issue in particular is the high pregnancy rate among African American females. “I feel like young girls no longer aspire to become successful, they tend to fall into peer pressure and make the wrong decisions.” To some teenage pregnancy is now more like an accessory than a responsibility. Not only does Icee plan on counseling individuals, she plans on using her skills to educate and inform individuals.

In relation to the black family Icee is particularly in favor of our Democratic Presidential Nominee Senator Barack Obama. “I completely agree with his views and I also think that this is exactly what African Americans need.” For some Barack Obama and his family are the ideal image of black love and success. Icee believes that by having positive role models for African Americans to look up, will only help to inspire and motivate African Americans to strive for nothing but the best.