Friday’s Debate Slow Moving

By Septima Glenn

Students on Hampton University’s campus were ready for the showdown between Barack Obama and John McCain. However, many of the students were disappointed with what they saw. According to the Nielsen Report, about 57 million people tuned in. Some students on campus wonder if anybody was entertained.

“I stayed in on a Friday night just to see the debate,” senior Krystle Medlin said. “I fell asleep before it was over with.”

Moderated by Jim Leher, the debate lasted about an hour and a half. McCain and Obama went through their views on the war in Iraq, the struggling economy and other foreign policy issues.

“Maybe I was expecting too much,” Racquel Vassel said. “This election has turned into some type pop culture event instead of election. Every aspect has been exciting, except for this debate.”

Some thought the debate was lackluster, others thought it was commical.

“I was just lookin’ at John McCain tryin’ to raise his arms,” senior Yaphet Cross said. “That’s what kept things interesting for me.”