HU Students Respond to Debate

            According to most Hampton University students, Sen. Barack Obama came out as the solid winner of the first 2008 presidential debate. Despite the initial reluctance of the two candidates to face each other, the overall outcome of the debate was pleasing to most students.

            Senior, Rashad Drakeford says, “Barack Obama definitely crossed the threshold”. Drakeford continued to say, “I expected him to come out [even] with McCain, not blow him away”. Drakeford’s opinion was supported by senior Byron Johnson, who expressed the defense that Sen. Obama gave as “amazing”.

            Many criticized Sen. McCain for constantly attacking Obama through out the night. A poll concluded that 60 percent of people thought that Sen. McCain did better than expected.  Although, 58 percent of people felt that Obama would handle the economy better than McCain.

            Not all HU students were satisfied with what they witnessed on Friday night. Senior Ashli Lincoln said, “ I don’t feel like I got anything out of the debate that I didn’t already know”. Students such as Lincoln were concerned because they felt as though the questions asked to the candidates were not answered either clearly enough, or even at all. 

            Due to the ineffectiveness of the candidates to answer questions, senior TJ Smith boldly expressed that he feels both of the candidate are telling lies. While senior, Shanté Steward felt as though Sen. Obama was not being realistic. Steward is referring to Obama’s claims that he wants to make it possible for every American child to attend college. According to Steward, “reality is that everyone cannot go to college and everyone cannot be rich”.

            It is safe to say the word from the sea was a mixed one. HU students shared different opinion in most cases but overall agreed on the final verdict. Many are anxious for Thursday nights debate between Gov. Palin and Sen. Biden. 

By Christopher Swails