Presidential Debate

Last night wast the Presidential debate between John Mccain and Barack Obama. I asked three Hampton University students what they expected from the debate and their opinions about it afterward. My three interviewees were Randi McClain, Tristen Graves and Brittany White.

Q: So what do u expect from the debate tonight?

Randi: “I expect to see Barack represent! I know he’s gonna show out and make us proud, I can’t wait!”

Tristen: “Well, I hope Barack focuses on his policies and doesn’t let McCain get the best of him. I just want him to do a good job.”

Brittany: “Honestly, I’m not that interested in the debate but since everyone else is watching it I guess I’ll watch it too. I don’t need to watch the debate, I already know who I’m voting for in November.”

After the debate was over, I asked the same girls their thoughts about the debate….

Randi: “Well I was suprised that the audience didn’t cheer after everything they said. I like that they changed the rules and only allowed them to cheer at the beginning and the end. I also think Barack did a good job, he’s such an awesome speaker. I love to hear him speak!”

Tristen: “I thought it was interesting. I always like to see McCain speak because I never really focus on him. They both had valid points but I think Barack made his points clearer and did a good job.”

Brittany: “Well I wasn’t really paying attention to most of it but from what I saw Barack handled himself very well. I think Barack kept his composure but if that would’ve been me….Wooooo! I probably would’ve went off on John McCain!”

-Danielle Canada