Who Knows Best?

By: Jessica Pumphrey

On Friday, September 26, 2008 Presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain squared off for there first debate. As we all know this is a time of crisis for the United States as we attempt to fix the financial hole that could cause turmoil within our country for many years to come.

Debates are vital to any Presidential election for the sole fact that it is an opportunity for the public to see the candidates in raw form. Debates bring a certain spontaneity that helps the American public really decide who they feel can lead our country. So as we venture off into the first out of three debates of the 2008 Presidential election, we must examine who had the better debate.

Barack Obama was in polled by cnn.com viewers to have the better debate, but did he really? I think so. When candidates where asked to explain there stand on the financial crisis Obama’s five point plan definitely stood out. Obama understood the concerns of Americans. He also expressed that our money should be managed in different ways making sure that we get whatever money back and in gain once the market returns. “We also have to make sure that none of that money is going to pad CEO bank accounts or to promote golden parachutes,” Barack Obama.

When the same question was presented to McCain he stumbled and attempted to give light to a situation he and his Republican friends don’t really understand. “I want to emphasize that this is not the beginning of the end of this crisis. This is the end of the beginning,” said McCain.

After McCain attempted to answer the question, Jim Leher asked Obama if he agreed with McCain’s somewhat unclear plan. Obama recognized that the language had not yet been reviewed but that he was optimistic. Obama also wanted the media to know that it is important to acknowledge the failure within the crisis as a whole. “We’ve got to ask ourselves, how we got into this situation in the first place?” said Obama. As Obama began to explain what he saw within the economy 2 years prior to this point it was clear that this candidate had a better understanding of the issue than McCain.

Barack Obama said “we’ve got to solve this problem in the short term.” That is exactly what American’s need to hear. Though the debate went on for some time after, and each candidate touched upon some very good issues, I felt it necessary to cover there opinions on the financial crisis. In my opinion I believe the McCain didn’t go as in depth with the topic as Obama did. I believe that McCain really doesn’t want to accept the Republican failure in this issue. As Jim Leher brought a close to this issue I was a became even more so of a believer that Obama was the man to bring a Change We Can Believe In.