Hampton Men….READY?….OR NOT!….


Hampton University is a school full of young men and women struggling to find themselves. While these Hamptonian men and ladies do so, the college dating scene has suffered immensely.  A witness to the struggle herself, senior Onna Woods of Dover Delaware admits that her faith in the Hampton man has dwindled. Woods was asked a simple question. “Do you think that Hampton men are ready to be husband material?”Upon hearing the question, Woods stops a beat and then quickly makes her opinion known. “I don’t necessarily think that Hampton men are men, not yet anyway,” says Woods.  Woods continues on to give examples of why Hampton men act more like boys than men. “I think there’s too much testosterone with these boys”, says Woods, “if someone says something to them then they’re automatically ready to fight and they have to get three or four of their friends to help them fight, rather than talk it out like you’d think a man would do.” Woods may have a point there, any student on campus can notice the often over aggressive behavior of Hampton men. Fights between Hampton “men” are notorious for the cause various functions being shut down, such as block parties, Holland jams and even cabarets.  One should not forget the fiasco in Richmond, VA at the “No Child Left Behind” party that even managed to get aired on the morning news. Woods continues saying, “I don’t think marriage is something you can necessarily be ready for because you never know until you get there. Especially for your first time getting married, you’re combining different things such as financial things and household things; it’s a merge of two actual lives together.” Woods is right many adults in the college age range that get married are not ready; perhaps that’s why 38% percent of marriages end in divorce, a number that is much higher in adults age 21-32. So what’s the final answer to the question? Should Hamptonian women be looking to find their husband here at their “home by the sea”? Or should they give up and look elsewhere, to Onna Woods the answer is clear and concise. “To answer your question, “says Woods, “No I don’t think Hampton men are ready to be husband material.” Ms. Woods just may be correct in her assumptions but it all depends on who you ask.

-Danielle Canada