“Hampton Relationships”

Michele Byrd

Word Count: 341

Edited By: Tiffani Haynes


Relationships are an important part of the university experience. During four or more years of college students build new friendships, fall in love, get heart broken, break hearts and from time to time meet the person that they will be with for the rest of their lives.

 Some students armed with stories from their parents, daydreams and scenes from The Notebook even come to college with a pronounced goal of finding their soul mate. However, in that quest they must ask themselves the only question that really matters: are college age men and women ready to be marriage material?

According to the census bureau, many Americans don’t think so. A majority of people are choosing to marry four to six years after college. The median age of marriage for men as of 2002 is 26.6. For women, it is 25. 

At Hampton University, the question yields a variety of answers.

“Definitely not at this point in college,” said Erin Thompson,  a senior print journalism major from Memphis, Tenn. “Most guys in college are really immature.”

Loren Davis-Stroud, a senior music engineering major from Chicago had a different outlook and opinion.

“I do believe so,” she said. “They are more likely to be financially stable and be able to handle a family and I feel like they will be a little more cultured because they were able to travel.”

David Asbury, a senior business management major from New York said it is a matter that should be judged individually.

“I think that the women here at Hampton could be marriage material. It depends on how long you take it. It depends on the individual,” he said.

Some students think it is a question of commitment. College students may lack the mindset to commit to another person at such a young age.

“It just depends on the guy you meet and what he’s interested in,” said Alesha Johnson, a second year five year MBA major from Camden, N. J. “I wouldn’t try to commit to someone who isn’t ready to be committed to.”