Are College Age Men Ready to be Married?

by Ashli J. Washington

Well apprently they are, well at least that’s what I got from the young college men I spoke with. Now, either most or all of them are lying to me, or I was totaly wrong to think that college men are not ready to be married off.

As I spoke with these young men and asked them this question, some didn’t want to answer and some jumped at the chance to be able to prove that not all men are immature and aren’t ready for a committed relationship. A lot of what these guys were saying sounded good, but did they really mean what they said?  Or if what they said would work? 

For instance, one young gentleman told me all a marriage needed to work was love. To me that sounded unrealistic and naive. Yes, love is probably 50% of a relationship (or even less for some), but it takes other things to make a long term relationship like a marriage to work. That other 50% will vary from person to person, but it’s important to remember that the other 50% is important!

One young sophomore was ‘real’ with me and told me he didn’t believe college age men were ready to be married or husbands because, “ You don’t come to college ready to get settled down, you come to have fun.”  I must say this is probably the closest to how I think college age men feel. The fact that this young man told how he really felt was absolutely fine. Honestly, many college age women aren’t ready to settle down either. As long as both groups are honest with themselves and the people they get involved with, no one will get hurt, or worse.

So I guess the answer to my question is a MAYBE. Maybe if they are mature enough or maybe if they fall in love. So I’m more confsed now than when I started askng this question.