Hampton U. honor students gather for last presidential debate

By Matthew Cahill


Wednesday marked the last of three presidential debates and campus leaders at Hampton University organized viewings of the event. 


Holmes Hall, the honors dormitory at H.U., hosted a viewing in its lobby for building residents, while senior political science major Moses Wilson III, statewide coordinator for Students for Barack Obama, hosted a private viewing at his apartment in the Hampton Harbors.


“It’s fellowship,” Wilson said about his reason for hosting a viewing. “It’s political awareness of the issues and the current state of affairs.”


Debate viewings at Holmes Hall require permission from dorm director Joseph Taliaferro. He said tonight’s viewing will be smaller than the last, with no fliers or invitations. 


“We maxed out last time,” he said, referring to the 40-seat capacity lobby.


For Wednesday’s debate, Holmes resident assistants did not decorate as they did for previous viewings and Taliaferro did not request speakers or video projection equipment from H.U. Media Relations.

Senior political science major Justin Manning, head R.A. for Holmes Hall and campus coordinator for Students for Barack Obama, organized the events, but originally was not sure if Holmes would host a third debate viewing.


Wednesday’s viewing was to be exclusively for Holmes residents and via personal invitations from Manning.


“Holmes is an honors dorm, so I wanted to make sure it’s treated as such,” he said.  “It’s the university as a whole that wants this to happen.


“There’s a lot of swing states at stake,” continued Manning. “This is the one debate that has to stand out from the rest.”


The writer is a senior at the Hampton University Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications.