No secret: Hampton University goes Pink

By Mya Singleton


HAMPTON, Va. – The romantic lingerie store for women Victoria’s Secret, known for establishing the PINK Collegiate Collection line, has branched out to include Historically Black Colleges and Universities [HBCU]. In mid-December, the store is to feature Hampton University’s name and logo on its collegiate loungewear including fleece pants, T-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, and tote bags.


The PINK Collection debuted in 2004 as a line tailored to young, college women with neutral school-inspired logos and phrases. However in June, the store established the PINK Collegiate Collection featuring 33 schools such as UC Berkeley, UCLA, Florida State University, and Boston College. The original universities were chosen based on regional appeal, student population, and revenue from store sales. 


Hampton University was recently chosen as the one of the new HBCUs for the collection, along with Howard University, North Carolina A&T State University, Florida A&M University, and Southern University.


Victoria’s Secret decided to expand its PINK Collegiate Collection to HBCUs in order to promote school diversity and appeal to all its college consumers.


Kiara Mayfield, a junior English major here said, “It’s good to see Victoria’s Secret expand their line to HBCUs, because all students from different schools and backgrounds shop at the store.”


Many Hampton students are excited about the collection featuring their school. Erin Jones, a junior broadcast journalism major said, “I’m glad they’re adding HBCUs because most people don’t know HU exists, but I will be proud to go to Victoria’s Secret to buy my Hampton apparel from now on.”


Naima Gethers, a Hampton alumna and public relations specialist in university relations, said, “Adding Hampton to the PINK line is good for HU because it makes our name look big along with the other well-known colleges.”


The apparel line will feature items with the HU Pirate mascot logo and school name. The items will be sold in select Victoria’s Secret stores, the online store site, and catalog.


The writer is a junior at Hampton University Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications.