Reflections heading into the election

By Shawntá McMillon

      On November 4, 2008 the world will witness one of the most life changing events of this time. The two candidates both democratic nominee, Illinois state  senator,  Barack Obama and republican nominee,  Arizona state senator, John McCain have provided the nation with key points that affect us daily, but it is time to choose. I am from New York and this is my first time voting ever. Since I am away from home I chose to do an absentee ballot, which will still make my vote count in New York State.

      This particular day for me is very special because I will be able to say to my children that on my 20th birthday, I was given a chance to vote for the first black president of the Unites States. These past eight years has affected everyone around the world and this is an election that can possibly have a positive and hopeful effect on the economy and humanity as a whole. Both candidates have held firm to their beliefs and goals, all the while bashing the other candidate, but through it all I have been able to interpret the information received and choose who I would like to see run this country.

      I understand that many of the changes that the candidates have planned may or may not affect me directly or indirectly, but this hasn’t changed my perspective on this election. I do understand that as a young adult going through college my vote is extremely important. I also understand that if I didn’t decided to vote in this presidential election I would only be harming myself in the long run. Believe it or not, despite the election between Bush and Al Gore every vote counts and hopefully this will be a smooth election free from minor errors like those in the 2004. I strongly believe if you can vote now and don’t vote, then there is no use in you complaining about anything. You had a chance to help create change and you chose not to take that chance.