Election Day Vignette

Kevin Kee

2008 Presidential Election Reflection Paper


Media Ethics

Professor: Batts 

     Today November 4th 2008 I woke up at 5:30 a.m. to have my voice heard for the first time.  Not in a literal sense but in the sense of voting.  Today was my first time voting and it was an unforgettable event.  I never really considered voting until Senator Barack Obama decided to run for president. I thought that voting was a waste of time, and up until about a month ago I was not even a registered voter, but senator Obama’s decision to run for the president  not only persuaded me to vote; it also gave me hope for the future of African Americans.

     After having woken up so early, I proceeded to my precinct which was Cooper Elementary School on Marcella Road in Hampton.  I thought that my waking up early and going to the polls as soon as they opened would decrease my chances of being caught in a long line; I could not have been more wrong.  It seemed as if everyone had the same idea I had or at least a similar one.  As I stood in the line awaiting my turn to vote, my eyes wondered to the people around me.  I wondered if they all felt the same way I did.  Did they realize how momentous this event was and did they know what the outcome of this day would bring?

     It is finally my chance to vote I entered the double doors of the school and proceeded to the poll administrator to show my license and then to another administrator to receive my ballot.  This is it I thought what I waited two hours for, my reason for waking up so early, it took about a second to fill out the ballot and then the deed was done.  All the anticipation and the waiting paid off and I left the poll feeling excited to see the results later tonight. Who will become the next president of the United States and was my voice really heard I guess I will find out later along with everyone else who voted.