Election Day Vignette

Brittney Fennell                                                                                      November 4, 2008

JAC 404                                                                                                  Professor Batts 

My Absentee Voting Experience

      A few weeks ago, I voted by absentee ballot for the state of New Jersey. Even though it wasn’t the same as going to the polls, I still felt that my decision was of importance. This is the first time I was ever eligible to vote, and I’m still trying to get over the fact that I was able to vote for a black person who just might win and change the way others see America. Filling in that circle next to Barack Obama’s and Joe Biden’s name made me feel that I was taking part in history. I always knew that I would see a black president in my lifetime; however, I just didn’t know it would be this soon. As a little kid when you’re growing up, you always hear your peers say that they want to become president. I’ve heard plenty of young black boys say that they want to become the first black president, but now they may not have to be. If Barack Obama is elected president, he will not only change American history, but African-American history as well. In the 1960s in the segregated south, blacks fought for equal rights including the right to vote. Fast-forward forty years later, Barack Obama is on the brink of re-writing the course of America.

      My vote took place weeks in advance, but is apart of a presidential election that will go down in history, and will be talked about for years to come. I may have not been able to go to the polls for my first voting experience but I am glad that I am able to say that my vote was counted and that I took part in a historical election.