The Plight of my Hair

By Septima Glenn

“You are so lucky to have a scholarship and a free education.”

These are words that I hear on a weekly basis. However, I doubt my hair is thinking the same thing. Rain, wind, sweat and all the other elements of the world attack my hair six days a week leaving my “lookin like Celie” as one of my teammates put it.

During the few of weeks of off season I have, my hair enjoys being light, bouncy and with smooth edges, protected everyday from the outside elements and sweat that training brings. Even when I do need a relaxer I can wing with a nice roller set and fake it until I make it. During the season, my hair is not so lucky.

My coach, who happens to be male, could care less when it’s raining. He stands on the sidelines watching his female athletes run all around America without a thought to what this could be doing to our hair.

I am one of the few girls on my team who chooses to keep it real and get a relaxer every six weeks. Half of the team has that good hair. The kind that gets all curly when wet, so when the rain or whatever else comes their way, they wash and go and keep it moving. The other half of the team has made the decision to go natural. The kind that may or may not get curly when wet, but it’s certainly not straight so it doesn’t matter anyway. Maybe if I had taken this route, I wouldn’t be so upset every time the forecast calls for rain and my coach says, “Let’s Go”.

Thankfully, today is relaxer day. I know my hair is shouting to the heavens. It will receive an hour or so of pure bliss as it is returned to it’s off season state. It will remain light, bouncy, full of life and glow with healthiness… Well at least until I have to run in the rain again.