Human capital is Hampton U.’s rich inheritance, speaker says

By Jared Council

Brett Pulley, a Hampton University alumnus and an accomplished journalist, told members of the Hampton family Sunday to continue to build upon their “great inheritance.”

“If you take just a cursory look around campus today, you can see that not only has [our founder’s] work been sustained, but in has been prodigiously enhanced,” Pulley said. “The growth that this university has enjoyed is due to the fact that though one man may have the dream, it takes many to bring it to manifestation.”

Pulley was the keynote speaker for the 117th annual Founder’s Day, an event held in honor of Hampton University’s founder, Gen. Samuel Chapman Armstrong. He spoke to Hampton students, faculty, and alumni, as well as local politicians and others with connections to the university in a nearly packed Ogden Hall.

Pulley told the audience about his experience “working with, studying and writing about people who inherit great fortunes.” He talked about Armstrong’s goals and visions for Hampton University, quoting him as wanting to “build for permanence.”

Pulley also recognized President William R. Harvey, calling him “a tireless manager, a relentless motivator, and a prolific builder of this great inheritance.”

“But Dr. Harvey is not alone. We all share in this great inheritance,” Pulley said.

Pulley also directed a few words toward students telling them to build upon this inheritance individually and collectively. He charged them individually to “live a good life of character and integrity,” and “become skilled, knowledgeable and productive members of our society.” Collectively, he told them they must “be a loud voice for Hampton, announcing all the wonders of Hampton.”

Pulley concluded by giving an analogy of a person receiving a phone call or a letter from someone informing that person that he or she inherited a fortune.

“Fellow Hamptonians,” he then told the audience, “this is your call. This is your letter. Your ship has come in.”

Council is a senior at Hampton Univerisity Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications.