Black Family Conference at Hampton U. opens to a packed house 

By Adrienne White              

This year the 32nd annual Black Family Conference formally launched last night, with its opening ceremony in Ogden Hall on March 17.

The conference, whose theme this year is “The Holistic Black Family: Mind, Body and Spirit,” focuses around the African-American family, and the growth that it takes to be successful in the 21st century.

Ogden Hall was packed, from wall to wall when the ceremony began. There were many delegates in attendance, from faculty and staff, to conference attendees from all over the United States, and students from Hampton University.

Silence fell over the auditorium as everyone listened to world-renowned, motivational keynote speaker, Calvin Mackie. “We must begin to broaden our horizons as African-Americans, as scholars, as human beings,” President William R. Harvey said, “We all have the key to success.”

Mackie spoke of what is required of the African-American family in the 21st century.

“The event was full of prayer, and motivational messages that I can use for my entire time at Hampton,” said Jordan Stovall, a freshman from South Carolina.

The opening ceremony was an overall successful event, and it was one of the best that Hampton has seen in awhile, according to Terri Hill, a 1997 graduate who has attended six years in a row.

 “I was so taken aback by Dr. Calvin Mackie. He is truly God sent and he has provided me with enough ammunition to govern my entire family. If the rest of the conference is this good, I’ll be set for awhile.”

As the ceremony came to a close, families and students trickled out of the auditorium with a serene and satisfied looks on their faces. The attendees all seemed ready for the rest of the week, and appeared to be very excited about the events planned for them.

Hampton University’s Black Family Conference was designed to inform, educate, and heal the black family; so far, the conference has been successful in that arena.