Lunchtime ‘stroll’ means the 12 to 2 party at Hampton U.


There is something interesting going on between the hours of noon and 2 p.m. at Hampton University. Students swarm in the atrium of the student center to listen to music, dance, and watch the Greeks stroll.

A Twelve to Two is a block of two hours during the day, where a DJ plays non-stop music in the student center.  They began when the student center was erected in 2001, and more resources were made available. It is a way for students to remain immersed in the sounds from back at home even though they are away. Freshman Georgia Weaver of Atlanta said, “Since we have different genres that people like to listen to, you get opened up to more regions’ styles of music.”

Students schedule their classes around this event. Twelve to Two’s have become a staple on Hampton’s campus. Music is an important aspect of the lives of students campus-wide, and Twelve to Two’s continue to be a positive outlet for people to take a break during the day.

 “It [Twelve to Two] represents [Hampton University] in a good way,” said Darius White, a freshman from Baltimore.” It brings students together. It gives us time to relax from the stress of classes. We meet new people, and have fun.”

Twelve to Two is also considered to be a time dedicated to the Greek society on campus. Each organization has the opportunity to display their style and what they bring to the table for future pledges. Noah Wallace, senior member of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity from Burtonsville, Md., said, “Twelve to Two is a time to showcase the integrity of Omega Psi Phi Inc.”

Seniors reminisce about the “good ole’ days” when the activities that occur during 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. were held on Fridays.

“When 12-2 first started it was something to look forward to—people would dress to impress, and it was a big deal,” said senior, Christian Cheairs, of Chicago, “Greeks strolled and it didn’t happen every day, only on Friday.”

In recent years, the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity hosted “Frosty Fridays” during Twelve to Two, but they stopped due to the Alpha’s suspension.

Although students still arrange their days around it, most seniors say that Twelve to Two’s are not the same now as they were just a year or two ago. “The reason it isn’t the same is because people started expecting it, so it evolved and became a staple of people’s day,” said Dwayne Wright of Jamaica Estates, N.Y, a junior Phi Beta Sigma fraternity member.

It seems that when Twelve to Two’s were implemented more than just once a week on Fridays, they have become slightly more unpopular. It is easier to plan schedules around the event when it was consolidated on one day as opposed to several.

Wright said he felt as though having multiple Twelve to Two’s a week has put a strain on the Greeks to attend, and “It’s like pulling teeth to get them out there to stroll.”