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    Who to be, what to be, on Halloween 

    By David Thompson

    Well it’s that time of year again at Hampton! One of the most anticipated holidays has quickly approached and has students at Hampton University buzzing. But with another year comes another debate on what are going to be the most popular costumes this Halloween.

    Seeing how many Hamptonians participate in Halloween I figured that because of this it would be easier to get some inside scoop on what students feel are the most popular costumes and also how some of them are going to dress up.

    Last Halloween, a very popular costume was Michael Jackson, mostly to pay tribute to his life since he died that June. It’s very unlikely that you see men and women dress up as the same character of Halloween but this was the case for last year.

    A source told me that more women at Hampton dressed up as MJ than men did. Since Michael Jackson took over the costume parties last Halloween I think it’s safe to say that he will “rest in peace” this year.

    I surveyed a couple of students around the campus about what they anticipate as the most popular costume this Halloween, and also what they were dressing up as.

    Many of the females across the campus predicted that the most popular costume varied from Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, and I even got a couple Michelle Obama’s.

    Many of them said that Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga are popular choices because they have different personalities and styles, and the two dress like every day is Halloween with their ridiculous wardrobes.

    Jasmine Berry, a junior from Miami, said “Halle Berry is also a popular choice as a costume because you can go out of character and still look beautiful at the same time.”

    When asking students how they felt about the whole “True Blood” theme dealing with vampires, I got responses such as “That’s so old-fashioned,” or “that’s so boring and unoriginal.”

    I also got the same responses when I asked students about “Twilight” that deals with werewolves so I guess that’s “played out” as well.

    I found out what many of the females across the campus were dressing up as, but I still had no clue what was popular for males to dress up as. Is it still “cool” for males to dress up on Halloween?

    I asked sophomore Tyrone General of Washington, D.C. and he said “Myself personally, I don’t dress up on Halloween, but if I was to be someone it would probably be President Obama.”

    When I asked many other males across the campus Obama was also their costume choice.

    Saturday night and Sunday will probably be an unforgettable Halloween at Hampton University when it comes to the variety of wild and interesting costumes.

    Thompson is a member of the Intro to Media Writing class at Hampton University Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications

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    By Kathryn Kenny Halloween is here and H… 

    By Kathryn Kenny

    Halloween is here and Homecoming is just around the corner and there is plenty to do on and off campus. For the freshman, there is one major event that has the class in a buzz: Freak Fest.

    “I heard Freak Fest was a wild party,” said freshman Ewing Carter 18. “It’s a play on words, if you know what I mean.”

    Freshman all across the campus are trying to figure out where the hottest parties are going to be, how much they cost, and most important, who is throwing the party. “Hopefully there is a good party this Halloween,” said freshman Camille Gaynus, 18. “I’m expecting to have a lot of fun”

    Most of the parties off campus are typically word of mouth to the freshman. Many freshmen said that they hear about a party a few hours before it happens usually through text messages or from upperclassmen and or people in their dorm who have received the news. But as for Freak Fest, there were flyers and banners around campus spreading the word about the event.

    “An upperclassman just randomly patted me on the chest with a flyer one day,” said Carter.

    Along with every off-campus party, comes the cost of admission. A typical off-campus party is $3 to $5. The Freak Fest cost $5 per person.

    For some freshmen, this price may be steep, but many are willing to pay if the party is worth it.

    One student offered insight to the upperclassman philosophy towards these parties: “These parties are all created for the freshmen,” said sophomore Sean Johnson. “They are designed to take advantage of the freshmen. It’s a way to make money and because the freshmen are ignorant, they pay the money.

    “People make money off of other people’s ignorance every day.”

    Those who attend the off-campus parties rely on transportation from their big brothers or big sisters on campus. But for many freshmen, they cannot attend these events due to lack of transportation, leaving many of them to wander over to the off-campus Hampton Harbor Apartments for late-night partying.     

    “You can always rely on the Harbors to be live and jumpin,’” said Johnson. “Friday nights are a nights of unprotected sex, drugs, alcohol, and partying. But somehow, the police always end up there.”

    For those deciding to go to the Freak Fest or even to the Hampton Harbors, students offer their advice. Never go to a party alone, because anything could break out.

    Run first, ask later.

    Kenny is a member of the Intro to Media Writing class at Hampton University Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications

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    Campus costumes: Naughty or nice this Halloween? 

    By Marissa Morgan

    Hampton University students are bubbling with excitement and a bit of deviance as they plan for Halloween weekend, on or off campus.

    Halloween is a time when the unnatural, the paranormal, and the unusual roam the streets. At Hampton University, the student body is gearing up for their weekend plans, whether celebrating in town or out. Aside from deciding plans, the main focus is what costume everyone will don as Oct. 31 approaches.

    Pop culture phenomena such as “The Twilight Saga” movies, numerous reality shows, and shifts in music industry fashion have shaped many of the ideas for costumes this year.

    Whether store bought or homemade, many are planning to step outside of themselves for a night to delve into the psyche of another character

    I walked around the Student Center Thursday seeking out students to get their views on Halloween in regard to dressing up and popular costumes.

    “I want to be a police officer,” said freshman math major Cheri Morris. Her answer for the most popular costume for women was a little different compared to her other classmates. “Probably some sort of animal,” said Morris, “with the little skimpy outfits!”

    Slowly, the tradition of women dressing in very risqué costumes on Halloween has become less taboo.

    Freshman psychology major Brittany Jones shared the same sentiment as Morris. When asked what she believed to be the most popular costume this year, Jones replied “a dirty girl!”

    It seems that what is now known as “Whore Halloween” is widely accepted, if not expected.

    Paris Ford, a freshman double major in broadcast journalism and technical theater arts, seemed to know her Halloween facts. “Paris is going to be a ninja,” she revealed in a bubbly tone.

    Ford was also correct in naming “Lady Gaga or one of the ‘Jersey Shore’ people” as the most popular costumes. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, one of the more popular characters on the reality series “Jersey Shore” as well as avant-garde pop sensation Lady Gaga are among the most popular costumes this year because of their over-the-top looks.

    In all, it appears that the student population at HU is quite excited about the possibilities of this Halloween weekend, whether they’re planning to dress up or not.

    Morgan is a member of the Intro to Media Writing class at Hampton University Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications

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    Guys and dolls anticipated for Halloween at HU 

    By Breana A. Hubbard

    Snooki, Kim Kardashian, and Nicky Minaj?

    The ladies of Hampton University are trading in the traditional scary Halloween costumes to dress as their favorite reality television stars and the newest female rap artist of 2010.

    Spending hours at the mall shopping for just the right outfit replaced the usual 30 minutes at the costume store this year.

    “My wig was so hard to find,” said one student when asked Thursday what was the best part of her costume.

    Male students are anxious to see the ladies in their costumes. “Halloween is just an excuse to dress promiscuous,” said James K. “I can’t wait!”

    He might be right. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is infamous for wearing short dresses and high heels, Kim is known for her bikini modeling and Nicki is known for “butt pads” and push-up bras.

    It will be interesting to see how ladies pull this one off.

    The men are “keeping it simple” with popular costumes such as Scream, Freddy and Mr. T. Some guys have had the same costume for years and plan to reuse them again next year.

    “I prefer something scary,” said a student when asked why he chose to be the Scream character.

    Police later arrested him for walking around campus in his costume a couple of days too early. Apparently, he was making people uncomfortable.

    On Saturday, Oct. 30, a Fright Fest party is being held in the atrium of the Student Center.

    Many people are planning to attend, fully dressed in their costumes and outfits.

    It is sure to be a fun-filled night with plenty of scares.

    Hubbard is a member of the Intro to Media Writing class at Hampton University Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications

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