Campus costumes: Naughty or nice this Halloween?

By Marissa Morgan

Hampton University students are bubbling with excitement and a bit of deviance as they plan for Halloween weekend, on or off campus.

Halloween is a time when the unnatural, the paranormal, and the unusual roam the streets. At Hampton University, the student body is gearing up for their weekend plans, whether celebrating in town or out. Aside from deciding plans, the main focus is what costume everyone will don as Oct. 31 approaches.

Pop culture phenomena such as “The Twilight Saga” movies, numerous reality shows, and shifts in music industry fashion have shaped many of the ideas for costumes this year.

Whether store bought or homemade, many are planning to step outside of themselves for a night to delve into the psyche of another character

I walked around the Student Center Thursday seeking out students to get their views on Halloween in regard to dressing up and popular costumes.

“I want to be a police officer,” said freshman math major Cheri Morris. Her answer for the most popular costume for women was a little different compared to her other classmates. “Probably some sort of animal,” said Morris, “with the little skimpy outfits!”

Slowly, the tradition of women dressing in very risqué costumes on Halloween has become less taboo.

Freshman psychology major Brittany Jones shared the same sentiment as Morris. When asked what she believed to be the most popular costume this year, Jones replied “a dirty girl!”

It seems that what is now known as “Whore Halloween” is widely accepted, if not expected.

Paris Ford, a freshman double major in broadcast journalism and technical theater arts, seemed to know her Halloween facts. “Paris is going to be a ninja,” she revealed in a bubbly tone.

Ford was also correct in naming “Lady Gaga or one of the ‘Jersey Shore’ people” as the most popular costumes. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, one of the more popular characters on the reality series “Jersey Shore” as well as avant-garde pop sensation Lady Gaga are among the most popular costumes this year because of their over-the-top looks.

In all, it appears that the student population at HU is quite excited about the possibilities of this Halloween weekend, whether they’re planning to dress up or not.

Morgan is a member of the Intro to Media Writing class at Hampton University Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications