Who to be, what to be, on Halloween

By David Thompson

Well it’s that time of year again at Hampton! One of the most anticipated holidays has quickly approached and has students at Hampton University buzzing. But with another year comes another debate on what are going to be the most popular costumes this Halloween.

Seeing how many Hamptonians participate in Halloween I figured that because of this it would be easier to get some inside scoop on what students feel are the most popular costumes and also how some of them are going to dress up.

Last Halloween, a very popular costume was Michael Jackson, mostly to pay tribute to his life since he died that June. It’s very unlikely that you see men and women dress up as the same character of Halloween but this was the case for last year.

A source told me that more women at Hampton dressed up as MJ than men did. Since Michael Jackson took over the costume parties last Halloween I think it’s safe to say that he will “rest in peace” this year.

I surveyed a couple of students around the campus about what they anticipate as the most popular costume this Halloween, and also what they were dressing up as.

Many of the females across the campus predicted that the most popular costume varied from Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, and I even got a couple Michelle Obama’s.

Many of them said that Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga are popular choices because they have different personalities and styles, and the two dress like every day is Halloween with their ridiculous wardrobes.

Jasmine Berry, a junior from Miami, said “Halle Berry is also a popular choice as a costume because you can go out of character and still look beautiful at the same time.”

When asking students how they felt about the whole “True Blood” theme dealing with vampires, I got responses such as “That’s so old-fashioned,” or “that’s so boring and unoriginal.”

I also got the same responses when I asked students about “Twilight” that deals with werewolves so I guess that’s “played out” as well.

I found out what many of the females across the campus were dressing up as, but I still had no clue what was popular for males to dress up as. Is it still “cool” for males to dress up on Halloween?

I asked sophomore Tyrone General of Washington, D.C. and he said “Myself personally, I don’t dress up on Halloween, but if I was to be someone it would probably be President Obama.”

When I asked many other males across the campus Obama was also their costume choice.

Saturday night and Sunday will probably be an unforgettable Halloween at Hampton University when it comes to the variety of wild and interesting costumes.

Thompson is a member of the Intro to Media Writing class at Hampton University Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications