HU Scripps Days: Opportunities for intern success 

By Heather Robinson

With her ankles crossed and hands clasped, Amanda Shepherd sat in her business attire, anxiously awaiting the calling of her name. On her lap sat a folder that contained her resume and samples of her journalistic works.

She took a deep breath, not letting her nerves take over, and patiently waited for her turn.

Shepherd was among 77 students interviewed Jan. 27 for internships during Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications annual Career Day. Interviewers were looking for ideal candidates to receive the six $3,000 scholarships, and several summer internships in Washington D.C.

Because of the limited amount of slots available, the Interviewees needed to stand out.

Carmena Bell

Junior broadcast major Carmena Bell went to the Career Day seminar the day before the interviews.  Speaker Judy Briggs discussed business etiquette, and how to conduct oneself in an interview.

Bell said, “It was really informative, and I learned to back up my answers with examples and experiences.”

So, just what were the interviewers looking for in potential intern candidates?  From the E.W Scripps Company, Lee Rose, corporate office manager of human resources, explained what she focused on while interviewing students:

“You need to have practical experience outside the classroom and tangible skills.  Coming in prepared and giving examples of your work really shows me your desire to learn.”

Shepherd, a junior public relations major, was interviewing for one of the $3,000 scholarships, and wanted to make a good impression.  With aspirations of interning at Essence magazine, she was ready for her interview.

When asked during a sit-down interview if Shepherd thought she was prepared to outshine the competition she said, “I’m a little nervous but I have determination and experience working with people.  Whether it is in a group or solo, I am confident that I can get the job done.”

“Amanda Shepherd,” a woman called from the doorway of the interviewing room.

She was up.

After about 15 minutes of being interviewed by Sue Porter of the E.W Scripps Company, Shepherd smiled happily and took a deep breath of relief.  Her body language illuminated with success, and her eyes were full of confidence.

“I did really well,” said Shepherd, “and was prepared for questions asked.”

Career Day gave students the skills to undergo various types of business situations now, and in the future.  Not only did Shepherd feel successful, her fellow peer Bell felt the confidence to be successful.

That is what this experience was all about.

The writer is a junior print journalism major at Hampton University Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications