By Champagne Watkins To those of you who… 

By Champagne Watkins

To those of you who participated in the public humiliation of the “Jordan heels” girl you should be extremely embarrassed.  Just like you thought it was so necessary to do to her, I am officially putting you out there.

There is no need for me to tweet about you. You know who you are.

News Flash: Hampton University is not a fashion show! However, some of us feel our outward appearance is the sole reason we pay $20,000 a year to attend school.

People talk about each other all the time. True. Everyone does it, but at what point do we draw the line?

Obviously, on Monday there were no boundaries when people could be seen chasing after another student to take a picture of … her shoes?

How old are you? Were you that bored? Are you that ignorant?

The finger pointing and hysterical laughing that followed the young woman throughout her school day was ridiculous.  If critics really want to be that critical, then they should talk about the fashion/hygiene crimes that are committed daily on campus:

  • The translucent leggings and tights that are worn with shirts that barely stop at the hips.

Or, the shorts with boots in 30-degree weather. Are those women hot or cold?

  • The pounds of make-up students cake on their faces to hide imperfections. 
  • What about some of the guys who consistently drive past barbershops and never bother to go inside? Or, the males that like to play follow the leader and choose to let one guy make the decisions for the entire group.
  • Let me not forget about those people who insist on wearing skinny jeans, completely disregarding the most crucial word: Skinny.
  • The guys who choose to waddle around campus rather than pull their pants up. 
  • What about those students who do not like to brush their teeth? Yet, they insist on being in everyone’s face. Did they know doctors say flossing and brushing teeth regularly can add six years to people’s lives? Maybe they should worry about that instead of the shoes someone else is wearing.

See where I am going with this?

Instead of singling out one person, remember there are plenty of things to laugh and point at on campus, which students come in contact with everyday, some of us being responsible for them.

Spreading rumors online or through texts; posting hurtful or threatening messages on social networking sites is considered bullying. 

According to I-Safe, there are numerous reasons people bully each other. For instance, the fact that one gets more social recognition for negative behavior than for positive ones can cause bullying. Also, people who come from families that are not warm, loving and in which feelings are not shared are more likely to be bullies. 

Perhaps there are students who experience social rejection and thrive in the pursuit of passing it on to others?

Is that why a number of students were out of breath trying to catch up to this student, to take a picture of her shoes?

I thought we were college students?

Were the critics’ actions in regards to the woman’s choice of clothing justifiable? Who are people to harass and make someone feel uncomfortable at school? Do the bullying students really think they got it like that?

To the “Jordan heels” girl: I do not know you personally, and you do not know me. What I do know is that what you endured was nothing less of bullying. It was childish and shocking.

If you happen to read this or hear about it later, just know that not all of us are that insecure and cruel.

Wear what you want, because at some point everyone has worn something that others believed was ugly. Who cares? It really was not that serious.

I heard someone say, “She should have known people would talk about her.”


Should I avoid wearing my favorite sweater because Jamal might laugh at me? I think not.

The “Jordan heels” woman should be allowed to wear whatever she wants without fear of being ridiculed. At no point should anyone make decisions based off what others may think of them. Nobody at this school, in this state, in this country, or even in this entire universe is perfect.

Next time, before students go to such great lengths to post pictures to make fun of someone else on Twitter, they might find out what is really bothering them just by taking a look in the mirror.

The writer is a junior broadcast journalism major at Hampton University Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications