By Jessica Boyd

This Sunday at Hampton University’s 69th Annual opening Convocation, students had all the quintessential senior gear: cap and gown, shirt and tie, Facebook and Twitter.

Anyone could observe an array of emotions and opinions on the day by simply peaking at their timeline. Cyberspace, at least the Wireless Pirate network, was overflowing with tweets about the event.

Most seniors expressed apathy and a stronger desire to sleep in than to participate in the day’s festivities. A senior psychology major from California tweeted : “I’m tired. Going to take the L.”

A senior from Georgia tweeted, “I’m not ironing my dress. Y’all ain’t gon see it no way.”

In an interview two days before the event, Alysia Sims, a print journalism major from New Jersey, said, “I actually got the chance to interview the speaker, so yes, I am excited to hear her address.” However, when asked about her overall attitude toward the event she said, “I am indifferent.”

Fellow print journalism major Chaunte’l Powell said she was excited about one particular part of opening convocation- the dress code. “It (wearing regalia) makes senior year seem more real. I am more excited to wear my cap and gown than I am to attend the ceremony .”

Still, everyone appeared to be in attendance as the seniors marched into Ogden Hall auditorium and took their seats. Another senior from Washington D.C. tweeted “I’m ready for this to be over already” at 11 a.m., 15 minutes into the ceremony.

The tweeting paused for opening prayer, then parents and supporters listened to an introduction detailing accomplishments made by each school and by President William R. Harvey this past academic year. The senior class reverted to their twitter exchange.

They paused their social networking while the class president spoke, after which students predictably resumed tweeting. This time, however, in praise of fellow Ogre and Senior Class President Mike Little and his inspiring speech. HU Script tweeted, “Little: We have arrived!” to quote the class president.

The apathy seemed to slowly be replaced by excitement, and a bit of recklessness.

The next tweet started what will likely be the most memorable part of 2011 Opening Convocation : “The Wave at 11! Start from the back and end in the front.”

At 10:59 a.m. the seniors looked left and right in anticipation and at 11 a.m., it happened! The senior class successfully executed their impromptu yet highly publicized plan.

The Ogres’ Twit-ddiction may prevent them from being remembered as the most polite or attentive class, but it will also prevent them from forgetting the start of their senior year, Opening Convocation 2011.

The writer is a senior journalism and communications minor at the Scripps Howard School.