Unbeweavable Homecomings

By Bianca Currie

Preparation for homecoming was crucial for the women at Hampton University.

Homecoming late last month was the week when students took risks for the sake of fashion. Many women decided to weave their hair to add some flair to their looks.

That is what Lyrica Presley, a freshman computer science major from North Carolina decided to do for her first homecoming experience. It was only her second weave job, as she usually is natural. “Honestly, I did not want my real hair to be a mess from sweating at the cabarets,” said Presley. Presley also said all of her friends followed suit. “Everybody loved it.”

Tony Dunlap Jr., a fourth year MBA major from Ohio said, “It’s a nice surprise when a girl changes up her hair.”

Dunlap also said he notices new weaves on campus during Homecoming every year. “When girls do not take care of them after homecoming it becomes a problem.”

That will not be a problem for a senior International Studies major, Nyeemah Scott from Virginia. Scott opted to get a weave job just for homecoming week. “I decided to just let my friend glue in some tracks and then after that I’m going to get a sew-in”, she said. “I know my hair would have sweated out after all of the homecoming parties.”

Homecoming weaves has become a sort of unspoken female tradition and seems to be well accepted among peers.

As the old biblical saying goes, a woman’s hair is her glory.