Super Bowl XLVI: Rematch of the Century

By Danielle Campbell

As fans anticipate the 46th annual Super Bowl, there is one question on most people’s mind. Who is going to win this time? Four years ago, the New York Giants and New England Patriots faced off in the 42nd super bowl. Now in 2012 we are confronted with the same teams.

Considering four years ago that the Patriots were undefeated and were 12- point favorites to win, the Giants last-minute win shocked everyone.

On Sunday Feb. 5 at 6:30 p.m., expect the ultimate rematch. It can be anyone’s game.

According to the Washington Post, the Patriots are 15-3 with 10 straight wins and the Giants are 12-7 with five consecutive victories.

According to Yahoo Sports, the main factor everyone is watching for is the elite quarterbacks, Eli Manning and Tom Brady. The best two are left standing with everything on the line. With the Patriots looking for revenge and Brady’s fourth Super Bowl ring in his grasp and Manning’s second ring in his reach this game will definitely go in the record books.

Students on Hampton University campus were asked about the Super Bowl. Ciara Charity, a sophomore finance major from Surry, Va., said, “I am forever rooting on the underdog and I feel that is the Giants in this situation. People are stuck on the Patriots because they have won a lot of Super Bowls, which is true, but the Giants did it before and they can do it again.”

Other students surveyed said the Patriots will take it. Two of the main reasons are the quarterback and the record. Christopher White, a sophomore architecture and aviation major from Hampton, Va., said, “New England is definitely going to win because they have the better record and Tom Brady is the best hands down.

“Plus the Patriots aren’t going to let the Giants win twice; they have a task of revenge and I believe they will accomplish it.” 

The writer is a student at the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications