Valentine’s Day: Celebration of love, or self?

By Shannon Smith

With Valentine’s Day less than 24 hours away, a handful of Hampton University students had no problem voicing their opinions on either the holiday or the idea of celebrating being single, what some called “single-awareness day.”

 “Yes, I will celebrate myself and have no problem with treating myself to a box of chocolates, roses or even a movie,” said Ongelique Sherman, a sophomore.

As for Valentine’s Day, Sherman said that she thinks of “love…unconditional love that should be celebrated every day.”

Darren Rainey, a senior, psychology major, believes in celebrating and splurging on himself as well. Valentine’s Day, he said, is “a Hallmark business scheme that allows many companies to make a lot of money. I personally do not celebrate Valentine’s Day.”

Rainey said he is in a relationship however he does not believe in or celebrate Valentine’s Day. “If you really care about someone,” he said, “you should show how much you care for them every day.

“However, if my girlfriend asked and wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I would.”

Kyle Mason, a sophomore, said, “I believe in celebrating myself every day.”

To Mason, Valentine’s Day is “a hustle that is a way to boost the economy.”

Yet senior Raven Powell believes this idea of “single-awareness” day “sounds like a very lonely holiday,” but she also believes in valuing herself: “I don’t dread being single, and I value my mental and physical space too much to be pressed to share it with someone else.”

Powell said on Valentine’s Day, “I will be attending ‘The Dating Game,’ hosted by the Gamma Theta Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., and right after, I will be at the Phi Mu Alpha concert.”

The writer is a student at the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications