Hampton U. Lady Pirates take on No. 1 seed Stanford 

By Kiara Dunston                            

Gutsy, resilient, well-coached, and constantly raising the bar is exactly how the Lady Pirates’ Athletic Director Keisha Campbell described the team. For the third year in a row, the Lady Pirates have won the MEAC, and this year they’re up against the No.1 seed, Stanford.

As many people gathered Monday evening in the Hampton University Student Center Ballroom to celebrate the Lady Pirates, those who’ve been there every step of the way spoke of their season thus far.

President William R. Harvey praised the Lady Pirates’ accomplishments, as well as their athletic director and faithful announcer. DJ Vince, who DJs at every home game, expressed happiness for the girls.

Fans sat around in anticipation for ESPN to announce the brackets. Prior to the announcement, the Lady Pirates were introduced and congratulated. They were supported by their fellow men’s basketball team as well as their cheerleaders.

The Student Center was packed and some fans had to stand or sit on the floor. Students and faculty accompanied the men’s basketball team and the cheerleaders.

As ESPN began to announce the brackets, to most people’s surprise, Hampton and Stanford universities were the first matchup announced; Hampton placed as the No. 16 seed and Stanford was seeded No. 1.

Most people were hoping to be a higher seed than last year’s No. 13 vs. No. 4-seeded Kentucky, maybe earning some respect due to a consecutive conference championship season. But the Lady Pirates and their coaches made it clear that it didn’t matter who they were matched up with.

The Lady Pirates will play Stanford at 1:30 p.m. Saturday, March 17 at the Ted Constance Center in Norfolk. The game will also be broadcast live on ESPN 2.

The writer is a student at the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications



By Chattan El-Webb

The Lady Pirates have won the MEAC [Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference] for the third year in a row and are now facing Stanford University in the NCAA tournament.

Students, faculty, and the Lady Pirates waited with anticipation Monday evening to find out who they were facing off.

When the results were announced, students cheered “We’re going to California,” but other members of the crowd did not seem to have the same enthusiasm.

“This sucks,” says cheerleader Brittany Bowers. “They should have been seeded higher. They have a good record and deserve a fair chance.”

Men’s basketball player Emmanuel Okorabo was shocked: “This was disrespectful to the girls, they had a higher record.”

 “This was just unexpected and shocking,” said Lady Pirate Keiara Avant. “Our record shows we should have had a better seat.”

The writer is a student at the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications