Hampton U. cleans up for High School Day

By Antoinique Abraham

As the flowers bloom and the temperature rises, Hampton University begins preparation for one of the biggest events of the year. On Friday, April 6, The Office of Admissions will host its 34th annual High School Day.

High School Day is designed to give potential students a preview of collegiate life, both academically and socially. About 240 student leader representatives will be available throughout the day to provide information and to answer questions.

The Student Recruitment Team plays an active role in giving prospective students the opportunity to experience Hampton U. Throughout the week they have rehearsed chants and songs that will get high school students excited about admission and attending Hampton.

“We’ve been working extremely hard and I’m excited about participating in High School Day with the Student Recruitment Team,” said Courtney Smith, a sophomore computer science major.

There are many changes being made around campus in preparation of this event including, wet paint signs on walls and stairwells around campus, and the speedy construction of the new cafeteria. Maintenance workers and contractors were working hard to ensure that the university will be in tip-top shape by Friday.

 Some students believe this day is just a façade; that Hampton puts on a show to impress and win over the hearts of undecided parents and students.

“I am proud to represent my school”, said Tatyana Miller, a sophomore English Education major, “but there should be some consistency in the way that things are represented on High School Day.”

Other students, like Devin Wynne, sophomore computer science major, encourage the concept of High School Day: “It is important for students as well as faculty to represent Hampton University in a positive light.”

All high school students are invited to visit Hampton University for High School Day.

On-campus activities that day will include guided tours, an outdoor soundstage, an Administrative/Student Activities fair, and a Blue- and- White football game. Attendees will be entertained by The Force marching band, the Terpsichorean Dance Company, and the Hampton University choir.

Open houses hosted by deans will take place in all of the academic buildings, nine schools on campus.

The writer is a student at the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications