Hampton U. students celebrate Easter at home, or away 

By Kelli James

HAMPTON, Va. – Students, faculty and staff affectionately call Hampton University their home by the sea, and as Easter approaches, students are finding creative ways to celebrate here while being away from their actual homes.

As they do most Sundays, the Memorial Church on campus is holding a service, however this week’s message will also include a performance from the praise dance troupe, Psalm 149.

Michelle Walton, a sophomore nursing major, said that she would be in attendance this Sunday. As a member of Psalm 149 she’s excited about performing on Easter.

“We have worked really hard to produce a great show,” she said, “and I hope a lot of people come out to celebrate and see us.”

Although Walton will be on campus to celebrate Easter, she is skipping the cafeteria’s annual meal and is going off campus instead. Walton and a friend, sophomore psychology major Lesley Robinson, plan to dine out to supplement the meal they would have received at home.

Other students are opting to celebrate Easter this year away from campus.

Geena Piedu, a junior nursing major, plans to attend a church service in Virginia Beach, one she attends every Sunday. Afterward, she plans to share dinner with fellow Hamptonians who also attend the church.

“I’m attending a Catholic church in Virginia Beach,” said Piedu. “It is like the one I attend at home and it will be really good since I couldn’t make it home this year.”

While some students are too far away to visit their homes for the weekend, there are a lucky few that have been able to retreat. Domanique Jordan, a sophomore broadcast journalism major, was able to do just that.

Jordan left for her hometown Fort Washington, Md. Friday afternoon and plans to enjoy her entire weekend with family and friends. Because Jordan is heavily involved in her home church, she looks forward to being able to spend this special time with those closest to her.

“I wasn’t able to go home last year,” she said, “but this year I knew I had to.”

Easter is a special time for those practicing the Christian faith; there are also secular options for everyone. Hampton University hosted its annual E-G-GStravaganza, Saturday morning at Strawberry Banks.

Programs like these are available throughout Hampton Roads to celebrate the spring time and to commune with loved ones.

The writer is a student at the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications