Pizza and wings, aroma of a raucous off-campus Super Bowl party 

By Kristian Winfield

The smell of Papa John’s pizza and fried chicken wings has been dubbed the official aroma of the NFL – at least by Hampton University students.

On the eve of Super Bowl XLVII (47), students – mainly juniors and seniors – gathered in the Mill Point apartment complex just off Settlers Landing Road to snack on wings, chomp on pizza and, even more importantly debate, scream and trash talk over the biggest football game of the year.

“I’ll take everybody’s money,” screamed John Rose, a junior political science major from Queens, N.Y. “And if you don’t got any money, I’ll take your chicken!”

Tempers quickly flared as the Baltimore Ravens took an early 21-6 lead over the San Francisco 49ers in the first half. Half of the people in the apartment sat quietly in disbelief, while the rest were anchored by Rose’s raucous comments.

“You [guys] are just like your team… You got no heart,” said Rose. “It’s about to be halftime, and you gonna get twenty-oned already. If this was Madden, I would have been collecting already.”

But the NFL is far from a videogame. There are two halves to the game, and even though their team was struggling, 49ers fans remain hopeful.

“It’s 0-0 in the second half,” said Kyle Bailey, a third-year five-year MBA major from Chicago. “We might be down right now, but I believe in young Colin [Kaepernick] and Patty [Patrick Willis] to bring us back.”

While they remained clearly separated on teams, the entire apartment was in agreement when it came to commercials. Using a three-tier rating system, each and every commercial was dissected in terms of humor and, oddly enough, marketing strategy.

The winner was the Volkswagen commercial with an island twist.

“It appeals to everyone,” said Malik Dean, a junior political science major from Queens, N.Y. “If you were offended by it, you have no sense of humor.”

Winfield is a student in the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications