Hampton U. students expect a fierce Norfolk State rivalry game

By Briyana Knighten

The time has come again for Hampton University to play Norfolk State University, and this time the rematch is on HU’s court. On Monday, Feb. 17, the men’s basketball team will gear up for what could be the game of the season.

Many students have begun to show excitement about the upcoming rivalry game.

“I try to make almost every boys and girls game, but this game is about to be the one of the year,” said Bradley Dexter, a 5th year MBA major from Los Angeles. “Ever since my freshmen year, HU and NSU go at it, so I am pretty excited to see how this game will unfold.”

Due to the years of intense rivalry, this game has become a tradition, and many students have become intrigued by the trash talking than the actual game.

“I’m not too far from HU and NSU, so at a young age I was aware of the rivalry, said Alexis Lennon, a sociology major from Virginia Beach, Va. “Most NSU students think HU is stuck up, so that’s definitely where the rivalry steams from.”

As the tension begins to widen, many students anticipate the chance to fill up the seats in the Convocation Center to cheer for their school.

“I heard this game will be a lot of fun,” said Taylor Mathews, a freshman forensic chemistry major from Washington, D.C. “So I am ready to show up and show out in support of my ‘Home by the Sea.’”
However, as the excitement continues to thrive, some students are a little unengaged.

“This may sound bad, but I honestly do not know anything about the rivalry or the basketball team for that much,” said Akilah Ligon, a English Arts major from Brooklyn, N.Y. “If they win then great, and if they don’t, let’s just say no sleep will be lost on my end.”

Whether filled with excitement or with little enthusiasm, this game will be one for the books for many students on campus.

“Your pretty much missing out, if you don’t make it,” said Dexter. “This will be the game of the year.”

The writer is a student in the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications