Spring Break is here; have fun, relax and be safe

By Amber Bentley

Midterms are over. The Hampton University campus closed on Friday. You’re all packed up ready and to leave, but where are you actually going for Spring Break?

Activities vary from extravagant vacations, going home to work, catching up on sleep, and even traveling home with other friends. Either way, Spring Break is very anticipated.

“Sitting at home for Spring Break is not an option,” said TyEnna Martin, a sophomore nursing major from Columbia, S.C. “I’ll be traveling to Maryland for a few days, and I am going to a Rihanna Concert!”

Many students mentioned Spring Break weather. “Man, I wish it was later in the month when it gets warmer,” said Devin Goode, a computer science major from Washington, D.C. “I would definitely hit up a beach or something.”

Because of the climate, various people are heading down South to soak up some sun. Miami and Panama City, Fla. and the Caribbean islands, were popular Spring Break sites for college students.

“I’m going to the Bahamas on a cruise for five days,” said Alyssa Boone, a senior communicative sciences and disorders major, from Suffolk, Va. “I plan to relax at the beach, site see, and possibly ride a jet ski,”

Brittany Whitby, a junior psychology major from Washington, D.C., chimed in, “My best friend and I are going to the Dominican Republic!

“Wow, your trip definitely beats mine,” said Boone.

Whitby chuckled and said, “Yeah, I cannot wait to finally be there and experience all the culture has to offer!”

While some people are fortunate enough to go on vacations, others did not come out as lucky.

“I have absolutely no plans for Spring Break,” said Dean Johnson, a sophomore piano performance major, from Lanham, Md. “The only thing I know I’m going to do is chill and sleep.”

Spring Break is actually the perfect time to do just that, because the next break students get will not be until the summer.

“I’ll be going back home to [New] Jersey,” said junior Tyler Clark, a graphic design major from Somerdale, a Philadelphia-area suburb. “I’m going to work two jobs and make mad money!”

Regardless of where one is going, Spring Break is a time to get away, to leave all your stress and problems at school, and go have fun.

But, just how much fun is too much fun? Safespringbreak.org has some tips to refer to while on vacation.
When on the road, be sure to buckle up.

When in the hotel, keep all your valuables locked up. If you feel the need to engage in the consumption of alcohol, be smart about it. Pace yourself and do not drive anywhere while intoxicated.

The No. 1 rule is never go anywhere alone.

Those are just some of the many tips that Safespringbreak.org has to offer.

All in all, have fun, be safe, and come back refreshed and ready to finish out the school year strong!