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    Show your love at Hampton U. with a Script Note 

    By Meredith Barnett

    There is no better Hallmark holiday than Valentine’s Day, as the company claims to make over a thousand greeting cards specifically geared for Feb. 14.

    Yet this year many Hampton University students are skipping buying cards to show their love and affection. Instead, they are sending their special someone a love note in the Hampton Script. The lifestyles section of the newspaper will display a love note section in the Thursday Valentine’s Day edition.

    “Sending a love note in the Hampton Script is a cute and easy way to let someone know you are thinking about them on Valentine’s Day,” said Marisa Tukpah, a sophomore chemical engineer major from Germantown, Md.

    In fact it is really easy, as students simply send their love notes to the Hampton Script and include a photo to go along side it. It is also a way for many students, who may be feeling the financial burden of being a college student, to send a Valentine’s Day gift to the special someone in their lives.

    Sending love notes in the Hampton Script is not a brand-new concept. Last year the Script had a Valentine’s Day love note section. Thomas Syrkett, a junior broadcast journalism major from Southfield Mich., was the recipient of a love note in the Hampton Script. “It was very special and surprising,” he said. “I love the note she wrote about me last year and I really appreciated it.”

    Some students are not as receptive to the love notes as their peers.

    Kimani Bunch, a junior public relations major from Suitland, Md. said, “I feel like love shouldn’t be publicized. Everyone complains about people being in their business. What if she didn’t really love me back?”

    Margie Merritt, a freshmen political science from Atlanta, said “I am not really into publicly announcing my love for someone. I am too young for that and it could turn out really bad.”

    The Hampton Script is not the only organization on Hampton University’s campus that is providing students with Valentine’s Day gift options. The biology club is sending rose grams, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. will have candy grams, and Sigma Alpha Iota International Music Fraternity will be performing song grams.

    The writer is a student in the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications

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    Hampton U. bio club spreads love for Valentine’s Day 

    By Ashley Bozeman

    “Hey do you have a valentine this year?” Crystal Smitherman yelled across the lunch table to a male student.

    “No I don’t actually” said the student as he walked over to the table. \

    “Well I’m sure there is some girl out there that would love a rose from you, I promise it’ll make her day!” said Smitherman, a sophomore biology major.

    The male student pondered the thought for a moment then said, “Yeah, your right actually! I’ll take one. I think I’ve got an idea.”

    Love is in the air and its already that time of year again, Valentine’s Day. The campus has been buzzing with excitement for Thursday the 14th through in-person conversations and social media such as Twitter since the start of the month.

    Many campus organizations have taken advantage of buzz and have created events and fundraisers catering specifically to students and couples on campus.

    Hampton University’s biology club implemented a new fundraiser this season. The club organized a rose gram delivery service that will deliver roses and a personalized note to the person of your choice on Valentine’s Day. The club is selling roses for $2.50 for one rose, $12 for half a dozen, $20 for a dozen and $75 for four dozen roses. Students have the option of picking up the roses themselves or to have them be delivered anywhere on campus on Valentine’s Day.

    According to Kai Bracey, club president and a junior, “We typically meet twice a month on Monday’s at 6 p.m. We work on creating a more united biology department among faculty and students. We focus on academic excellence and fellowship. We have been focused on fund raising for our department and so that we can send a gift to the Sandy Hook Elementary School.” In December, 20 children and six adults at the Connecticut school were fatally shot by a 20-year-old wielding rapid-fire guns.

    Here, the Biology club has Valentine’s Day competition. The Hampton University Choir is selling “singing-grams” this week and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc is having a “Dating Game” Thursday night. Other fundraisers will also take place throughout the week.

    The writer is a student in the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications

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    Cupid’s double-sided arrow: Does gender matter? 

    By Nakiya Morgan

    HAMPTON, Va. – With the Valentine’s Day love bug in the air, many people are running around asking, “Would you be my Valentine?”

    This day is dedicated to showing that special person how much you really care about them, but is this romantic holiday targeted to females more than males?

    Some Hampton University students expressed their opinions.

    “Valentine’s Day is a day for couples to show how much they appreciate each other,” said Julene Sinclair, a sophomore, pharmacy major. “As a couple in a relationship I believe that you should get gifts for one another and embrace the time spent with each other. Both parties in the relationship should be catered to.”

    Leticha Heflin, Hampton University’s freshman class treasurer, thought otherwise: “Valentine’s Day is for the females only. If you decide to do things for that male in your life that’s fine, but the men should focus on the women.

    “It is our day.”

    Matt Cyrus, a sophomore, 5-year MBA major, believed that Valentine’s Day is “stereotypically for females,” but he doesn’t mind “showing a female the love and appreciation that she deserves.”

    Valentine’s Day, he said is “a biased holiday that many companies take advantage of. It is targeted towards women because that is where they will benefit from. By targeting women, [companies] are gaining more profit because men are steadily trying to keep their women happy.”

    Cyrus said he has received gifts on Valentine’s Day before but he would much rather see someone else happy: “If you care about her that much, you wouldn’t need anything but a smile in return.”

    Many stores across America have stocked up for Valentine’s Day, anticipating frantic last-minute shoppers. Aisles are dedicated to holding balloons, flowers, teddy bears and cards, leaving shoppers with many choices for both genders.

    Wal-Mart is known as a last-minute shopper’s play land because of the variety.

    Ejana Bennett, a Wal-Mart employee, said, “We see more males in the store around this season. Females come in as well but the males seem to dominate this holiday.”

    According to Bennett, many males actually seek her advice on gifts. They are so focused on making the women feel special.

    “Every day this week a guy has approached me asking what I would want for Valentine’s Day, and I find it so cute,” said Bennett.

    “I have never seen females as worried as the guys.”

    Justina Ward, a sophomore, business management major, believes that love is love and it should be expressed no matter who you are: “It doesn’t matter what group of people Valentine’s Day is geared to, what matters is that you guys are making each other happy.”

    Ward said that this Valentine’s Day, “I will make sure I cater to the people I care about and I will expect nothing less in return.”

    The writer is a student at the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications

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    Valentine’s Day: Celebration of love, or self? 

    By Shannon Smith

    With Valentine’s Day less than 24 hours away, a handful of Hampton University students had no problem voicing their opinions on either the holiday or the idea of celebrating being single, what some called “single-awareness day.”

     “Yes, I will celebrate myself and have no problem with treating myself to a box of chocolates, roses or even a movie,” said Ongelique Sherman, a sophomore.

    As for Valentine’s Day, Sherman said that she thinks of “love…unconditional love that should be celebrated every day.”

    Darren Rainey, a senior, psychology major, believes in celebrating and splurging on himself as well. Valentine’s Day, he said, is “a Hallmark business scheme that allows many companies to make a lot of money. I personally do not celebrate Valentine’s Day.”

    Rainey said he is in a relationship however he does not believe in or celebrate Valentine’s Day. “If you really care about someone,” he said, “you should show how much you care for them every day.

    “However, if my girlfriend asked and wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I would.”

    Kyle Mason, a sophomore, said, “I believe in celebrating myself every day.”

    To Mason, Valentine’s Day is “a hustle that is a way to boost the economy.”

    Yet senior Raven Powell believes this idea of “single-awareness” day “sounds like a very lonely holiday,” but she also believes in valuing herself: “I don’t dread being single, and I value my mental and physical space too much to be pressed to share it with someone else.”

    Powell said on Valentine’s Day, “I will be attending ‘The Dating Game,’ hosted by the Gamma Theta Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., and right after, I will be at the Phi Mu Alpha concert.”

    The writer is a student at the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications

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